Art for LIFE

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Art for LIFE is the first project signed by Servier. It is a special program developed for the patients of Romanian Hospitals, because people don’t need only medicines when they are ill, they also need care, they need food for their soul, not only for their body. Art is one of the alternatives that could help ease people’s pain and could also help them forget for a while why they are there. Therapy through Art can mean a lot to most of the patients, that is why this Project encouraged all artists to come up with ideas, in all forms of art, be it Music, Theater, Painting or Crafts in order for all hospitals to benefit from this program.

The results were amazing and they still are. We present you just a few pictures that will tell everything, without words.

Cluj-Napoca – interactive painting

Cluj-Napoca – Create.Act.Enjoy

Craiova – playing can heal


Congratulations to all those who participated or are still involved in this project! We think this is a great idea to make reality truly AWESOME! We wish all of us will find inspiration in what you are doing.

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