Can your REAL LIFE be written ahead?

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Have you ever wondered if your life is just the way you decide it to be or there are other people and events that get to influence everything you decide to do, how you do it and what conclusions you come to? Lauren McCarthy is a woman like any other one, who one day, initiated a challenge: anyone that had access to her website could write a kind of script for her next day in Real Life.

“For one month, my life was collaboratively scripted, one day at a time, by anyone on the internet. Each day, anyone was welcome to add dialogue, setting, costume, and stage directions to my script for the next day. At midnight, the script was closed for editing and it became the basis for the performance of my life the following day.” ( Lauren McCarthy )


“Anyone that visited the site was able to edit the Tomorrow Script, wiki style. Participants could script lines for me, stage directions, costumes, settings, etc. They could also write themselves into my script. They could make additions as well as remove or modify previously created script content. The participants could choose to make their edits anonymously or not. At midnight, the Tomorrow Script was closed for editing, becoming the script of my life for the next day, posted on the site as the ‘Today Script’.  Throughout the day, I would make every attempt to perform every line and detail of the script, though improvisation beyond the script was allowed. This was a durational performance that lasted for one month non-stop.”

In a way, what Lauren tried to do is almost the same as what Marina Abramovic tried to prove with her performance “Rithm 0”, at Studio Morra ( Naples, Italy ), when she let everyone who witnessed her performance, do whatever they wanted to her, using one of the 72 objects she previously placed on a table. Lauren McCarthy let everyone enter her life and decide what happened next, in order to create a piece of art maybe, or just a pure reflection of  just a small piece of what we call “collective subconscious mind”.

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