eMotiVe sOuNDs of the eLEctRic wRiTEr – Machines and humans can work together

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Nandita Kumar’s work titled ‘eMotiVesOuNDs of the eLEctRicwRiTEr’ was displayed at Indian Art Fair 2015. It focuses on loss of writing personal letters. She invited participants from different parts of the world to write hand-written letters. These letters were mimicked by a machine and re written on a scroll of paper. The machine while printing stopped to think when fed complex information which left blots of ink on paper. These blots were translated into sounds inspired from John Cage’s ‘chance score’. This installation leaves the viewer with a positive feeling that man and machine blend together without one overpowering the other.

Machines will surely take over many human tasks, and most of the times this can mean a relief for all of us, but there will always be also situations in which we will lose something because of the machines – we will loose the feeling of Time, of experiences that happen in Time and Space. We will no longer be able to have all these type of experiences ( and feelings maybe…) that we have now when machines ( or robots, if you like )will take over many tasks humans still manage to complete.

This project is making our reality Awesome because it shows us this truth and it reminds us that no matter how progress evolves, no matter how technology transforms our lives we will still keep our roots, we will still be humans with a strong need for real experiences.


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