Coder Dojo Coolest Projects – the art of innovation

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Coder Dojo Coolest Projects is not some kind of sports game or food – it is a really cool competition and project contest designed especially for world’s future innovators, entrepreneurs and creators.

It offers young people from the International CoderDojo Community the chance to pitch their ideas and projects in front of the Local CoderDojo, in a form of competition and exhibition, at the same time. All participants must be aged between 7 and 17 in order to be able to take part in this game. All young creators and innovators can present their apps, websites, games or hardware projects, first on the platform and then in reality.

“CoderDojo Coolest Projects has seen young people deliver projects across the latest technologies, from Cloud, to Internet of Things (IoT) to Virtual Reality and has the potential to drive vital digital skills across a European platform.” –


We think this is a really awesome project because it lets all kids, from all around the world, celebrate and embrace innovation, creativity and imagination. Much too cool not to be mentioned here!:)

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