Connected Tree – making reality amusing

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What if, one day, you would walk the streets and find yourself talking to a tree or even call it “friend”? Someone thought about the interaction between humans and trees in a very amusing and sweet way, and that company is Sony Ericsson.

Sony Ericsson created a Connected Tree that uses Twitter. Hooked up to sensors and analytics monitors, the tree monitors movement and its interactions with humans to determine its “reactions and moods” before translating them into a more tweet-friendly form.

“Our Twittering Tree senses changes in the electromagnetic field around it as people pass, and sends Tweets that reflect its mood directly to its Twitter account, ConnectedTree. This tree also reacts to people´s presence and movements by playing music, speaking and turning on and off lights.

The tree´s responses aren´t random – they are based on the activity around it. When someone moves away from it the tree will express its “loneliness” with a particular tune and a tweet. When several visitors are competing for its attention, it will comment on how busy it is. A special response is generated when someone touches the tree and an SMS is sent to the passerby´s mobile phone.”

Electromagnetics are mainly used to monitor such human activity in the tree’s vicinity and the tree is connected to a device that turns the tree into an electromagnetic field sensor, enabling it to detect motion.

This idea is probably not very useful, in terms of it’s role in this reality, but it surely makes our world more awesome and more fun!

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  1. July 3, 2017 at 9:45 pm

    waw, this is cool

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