Spread art – the Flying Guitar

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Now that we are back from our vacation we can continue our amazing journey through real projects and events, that surely make our world awesome!
The project we want to begin with is a special one  – that wants to bring art closer to everybody, wants to show us how we can make this world amazingly crazy and spectacular, with so little effort. Our imagination can lead us anywhere, we just have to let go.
This community art project was commisioned by the City of Bloomington. All the recycled materials, street post and signs were donated by the City. All the license plates were donated by individuals of the community. The frame for this project was fabricated and displayed in front of our community radio station (WFHB). People in the community were encouraged to participate by local radio and newspaper articles as well as being located on the street/sidewalk. The guitar is 34′(H) x 11′ (W) x 2′(D) and hangs on the side of a public parking garage.


It was given as a requirement to use street post and signs and needed to be a guitar as the image of art. I chose to use a flying guitar as my image for it was contemporary and fit the material usage so well.

Artist: Joe La Mantia

“The purpose of my work is to dimistify art, so everyone can participate. That is why I am a public artist. So, I can demonstrate the process of creating art in the open. I encourage people who are just walking by to be involved by just signing your name on the frame of the guitar or by putting on a license plate that someone had donated. I try also to encourage other artist to be involved as well. Another task that need to be done was asking our local trade school to have students cut out the holes of the signs that fitted over the head of the guitar.”
Surce: photo Joe La Mantia
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