Cluj-Napoca – how to transform a common city in a living work of art

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We are glad that today we get the chance to present you one of the latest works of art, one that belongs to the people, one that involves originality, creativity and courage. We present you the “Living Tram” – or, in other words, Art on Wheels. On very colorful wheels, we’d say.

Some of the most important and well known artists in Cluj-Napoca, decided to change the face of the city and lift it up. We salute their decision because what came out of just a dream, is now a truly amazing urban landscape ( as you can see in the pics bellow )

Everything came to life after this project began to emerge, there were no more grey ( and just grey ) streets, there were no more sad ( and only sad ) people walking around – everyone began to smile, out of the sudden, everyone started to breathe some fresh air ( despite the heavy air we usually breathe in all cities ). Visual art is a form of magic, we could say, just as music or dance is. Art can have a special power upon all of us, if we only just let it be, if we only stopped there for a moment and breathe, while thinking of nothing, but just looking, embracing and enjoying what we feel and see.


Many many congrats for everything you do guys! Keep on doing it and break free! Make our reality amazing, extraordinary and awesome! Because you can!


You can find more details about this project and others, right here:

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2 comments for “Cluj-Napoca – how to transform a common city in a living work of art

  1. Raoul V
    September 7, 2017 at 6:37 pm

    haha!:))Really fun this Living Tram! I wish I could go for a ride one day! Nice work guys, maybe others will get some inspiration too;)

  2. JohnDoes
    September 7, 2017 at 6:28 pm

    waw! This is great work! Many likes from me!


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