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ArtUnitedUs is an international project that stared in Ukraine and, for the next few years, will probably go to almost all continents around the world. The project wants to unite more than 200 of the world’s best artists, for whom the highest goal will be to maintain and sustain peace on Earth, through creating and putting together their minds, their ideas and visions. The mural art that will be created by them will not address only to countries that are already facing dangers or even war, countries like Syria, Iraq or Palestine, but to all the people of the world. This project wants to send a message out there, but a peaceful message, one that will help stopping all violence and war ( two of the most common words lately ) – and which is the best and most universal form of communication, if not art?

These artist don’t just want to create art. They want to change the whole history, they want to create an entirely new way of thinking and seeing reality. And of course we support them with all our hearts! We believe this is possible and we are glad someone finally wants to Act, someone decided to really do something huge, spectacular and brave into exactly this direction.

We can all make this reality awesome if we Unite, if we create Together!


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