Literature vs. Traffic – will books survive?

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In this post we come with a different approach regarding books – yes, those little things with pages that we used to hold in our hands some time ago:) – and we mean classic books, not the digital ones that seem to have appeared everywhere lately. This artist we present you today set up an installation with more than 10.000! old books, that were donated by a library. Spanish artist Luizenterruptus thought about getting those books out on the streets of Melbourne and put a little light bulb inside them, so that they would look more “familiar” also to new generations, that are far more used to seeing digital stuff than just normal stuff, as we used to see for so long.

If you were there, you could certainly dive into a whole new kind of “reading” experience, while admiring the Traffic going on right next to you. For thirty days, people passing by could pick up one or more of those Glowing Books, that were just standing there, hoping to be seen by someone, hoping to still keep the power they used to have upon us, humans.

We cannot say if books, as we know them, will survive or not, or if they will still keep playing an important role in our lives, but we can surely imagine a thousand ways to transform them into a work of art.

This is just one of them. An awesome one, we would say.

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