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It seems that Art can be Biological and it can celebrate the collaboration of scientists, hackers and artists. conducts work-shops and labs about Bio Art and many other subject matters, but the most important and impressive thing it does is that it offers free training and resources to anyone that wants to build affordable laboratory equipment, that can be used in biological studies, art studies ( including installations or other design concepts ), Bio Art works and many other. It is a growing open hardware community and it promotes collaborative projects – among them we can find a  Web Cam Microscope, which is a simple and hackable microscope that can be used in biology, visual arts or nature study.

Robertina Sebjanic – is a contemporary artist whose works explore biopolitical and philosophical issues from our societies, through the research of living systems, AV installations and sound/noise performances. She researches and documents underwater sounds and noise pollution in the underwater landscapes around the world. Aquatocene – “Subaquatic quest for serenity” – is one of her projects that reveals the underwater worlds only to the most attentive listeners, revealing the growing noise in a vast and endless territory.

We see this as another proof that music surrounds us everywhere and sound is used as awareness for keeping the ears on the underwater world, creating and maintaining a natural integration of the human presence. The project is an audio-visual installation and performance that tends to make us aware that underwater life can be heard and can also be amazingly beautiful! Underwater life can be translated into art if we know how to listen to it.

Aquatocene / Subaquatic quest for serenity

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