When Visual Arts and Performance meet – it results Marcel Dzama

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We’ve been thinking about this idea of mixing all types of art together and see what we get, but it seems there is someone else thinking about it too. Marcel Dzama is a contemporary visual artist, that likes to involve in performances, and he does it very well. He is known for his works, but lately, also for his shows – that create a completely different world and use characters as links between different realities.

He was born in Canada, but he currently lives and works in New York City. The magical power he uses for creating his works or shows is a mixture of all senses: hearing, seeing, touching…all this besides the most powerful ingredient, he also owns, that translates as imagination.

This reality is surely more awesome because of this guy, who doesn’t care about who he is or how he is seen by us, but he cares about creating, experimenting, exploring his conscious and subconscious mind, and living his true passion: drawing.

If you want to find out more about him you can do it right here: https://www.davidzwirner.com/artists/marcel-dzama/biography

or here :


Pics source: http://canadianart.ca/artists/marcel-dzama/

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