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The Sketchbook Project

Become part of the world’s largest collection of sketchbooks. All you have to do is register on the site and start creating your own sketchbook, that will eventually become part of Brooklyn Art Library’s Permanent collection and will travel as part of nationwide art exhibitions. You still have time to do it – until the 5th of January 2018.  Once…

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OpenSource Biological Art Projects –

It seems that Art can be Biological and it can celebrate the collaboration of scientists, hackers and artists. conducts work-shops and labs about Bio Art and many other subject matters, but the most important and impressive thing it does is that it offers free training and resources to anyone that wants to build affordable laboratory equipment, that can be used…

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ArtUnitedUs – a world re-created by art

ArtUnitedUs is an international project that stared in Ukraine and, for the next few years, will probably go to almost all continents around the world. The project wants to unite more than 200 of the world’s best artists, for whom the highest goal will be to maintain and sustain peace on Earth, through creating and putting together their minds, their…

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Basecamp.exe – experience the urban wilderness

“In a sense, Basecamp.exe provides people with a framework for expeditions to nowhere because we have already arrived. And we are already home. There is nothing to go toward, nothing to return to. Nature is a myth. Progress is a sham (the Dadaists got the memo on that one quickly). And nostalgia is the rosy view of sentimentality coupled with…

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Project ART – ARTROOMS 2017

ARTROOMS 2017 is London’s largest Art Fair for Independent Artists. All independent artists have the chance now to exhibit their works to a large public, during the ARTROOMS 2018 Event. Emerging Artists are more than welcome to subscribe for the competition and chances that you, as an artist, will get much visibility in the Art World of London and the…

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Random Color

A simple idea can sometimes change the way things look like…or the way we look at them:) We invite you to check out this art project called “Connect the dots” – it is also called ” optical optimism” and it is a remedy for monotony…or visual monotony. We did connect the dots and it turned out that reality can be…

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