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Art growing tutorial

Amsterdam based artist Diana Schrerer has the proof that science was waiting for:  plants do have intelligence and can actually follow paths, have memory and sense, much like humans do. Until now, we probably thought plants were just some green things that grow out there, without thinking too much further than this.  “Plant neurobiology” is a new domain scientists began…

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OpenSource Biological Art Projects –

It seems that Art can be Biological and it can celebrate the collaboration of scientists, hackers and artists. conducts work-shops and labs about Bio Art and many other subject matters, but the most important and impressive thing it does is that it offers free training and resources to anyone that wants to build affordable laboratory equipment, that can be used…

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ArtUnitedUs – a world re-created by art

ArtUnitedUs is an international project that stared in Ukraine and, for the next few years, will probably go to almost all continents around the world. The project wants to unite more than 200 of the world’s best artists, for whom the highest goal will be to maintain and sustain peace on Earth, through creating and putting together their minds, their…

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Streetwise Opera – music has the power to change us

Streetwise Opera is an Awesome project that happens in the United Kingdom and is dedicated to re-building homeless people’s lives and self-esteem through music and performance. It is like no other project because it chooses art – music – as a bonding instrument between people and society. People who created it believe in the power that music has upon us,…

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Coder Dojo Coolest Projects – the art of innovation

Coder Dojo Coolest Projects is not some kind of sports game or food – it is a really cool competition and project contest designed especially for world’s future innovators, entrepreneurs and creators. It offers young people from the International CoderDojo Community the chance to pitch their ideas and projects in front of the Local CoderDojo, in a form of competition…

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