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How to Add a new Project or Idea on ebrothers.ro?

The simplest way to inspire people is to guide them to find awesome things and ideas! So the fastest way you can do that is by sending us a direct link to a Project you like, admire or want to support. We will post it here, on ebrothers platform so that whoever wants to find inspiration, will be able to find it with your help also. Your name will appear on Project’s page – for everyone to know you found it.

In case you have your own Project going on, all you need to do is send an email, by writing all details in the FORM BELLOW THIS PAGE : Project Name, Description, Motivation, Time, People Involved, Duration, Location, etc. – whatever you think is necessary for the participants to know. After we’ll check it out, it will be automatically published on the website. You can also add pics or other media files ( video files, audio files, etc.)or if you don’t add any, we’ll do that for you if you like, according to your Project’s or Idea’s message.



Art Creatives, Art Projects and Ideas

9 projects
Community Actions

Actions that involve communities of people, environmental issues, debates

14 projects

All projects that involve crafts, hand-made products or things, souvenirs

1 project

All Fun Activities, Ideas, Games – outdoor or indoor

5 projects
Helping hands

All projects that come up with solutions to help communities in need, families or people…

1 project

All motivational meetings, talks, gatherings – no matter the time and space

1 project
You can write here the reason why you contact us or Project's/Idea's name
You can add here all the details about your Idea, Project or Deal
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