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eBrothers is a Real Network that values Reality more than Virtual Experiences; any Experience has to be lived, not just imagined/shared/posted/or whatever. In a time when everything we do and mostly that we don’t do, gets posted on all social media platforms, just in order for us to feel we interact with one another, people must return to their roots, to the Real Things and People, to everything that once mattered to them so much.

Virtual reality is an escape territory for some of us but it should be used wisely. The more we escape into an other reality than the real one, the further away we get from our real self, our dreams, our thoughts and feelings.

eBrothers want to change the Real World into one that suits you better. We want to prove that you can still be happy, excited, enthusiastic and amazed Right Here, Right Now – and you don’t need escaping realities, Virtual Universes, games, pills, therapies, or other “helping tools”. The key is within yourself ( as you already knew it, for sure ), the key lays in your perspective upon life and reality, it lays within your capacity to offer something valuable to the world – be it your time, energy, knowledge – whatever you feel you have valuable. We are talking about giving up on something you’ve been holding for yourself, for so long now – we are talking about letting go, in order to be able to breathe again and to enjoy what’s around you, with all your heart. 


We invite you just to let yourself BE, exactly how you are, who you are, without having to look in a certain way, without having to explain yourself or your choices, without feeling that you have to fight with all the world every day. That is what you have Valuable. Who you are is your most important “asset” and that is what you should share with the rest of the world. Your experiences, your inner energy, your state of mind, your ideas, your vision…these make you valuable, unique and important, for everybody who lives or will live from now on.


eBrothers are people that choose to live free, that no longer keep in mind boundaries, restrictions, labels or too many rules, they are people that choose to LIVE – to enjoy time, not to be worried about it. We are all Human Beings, beautiful Souls that didn’t come here to destroy, fight or conquer whatever real or imagined territories. We probably came here, ( on the “Blue Planet”:)because we chose to, we don’t know the reason, of course, but we’re quite sure it must have been an interesting one:)

Maybe you are scared to dive into reality again, because you weren’t quite happy being there until now, maybe it wasn’t everything the way you imagined it to be…But let me ask you something: how many times you just expected to receive something ( from Life, from the world, from people around you ) and how many times you just thought about giving something back first? How many times you thought about leaving your own self behind ( with all it’s issues, fears, imagined problems )and just jump into what Life gives you? How many times you thought about Giving what you have best, before expecting to Get ?

And what you could give to the world, you might wonder… is created to be an on-line community for all the people of this world, a big hub ( or hug:) where everyone can bring their ideas and projects to light, no matter the subject or field they choose. It is meant to serve YOU – the human being that holds something valuable inside, more valuable than all exterior and material assets. It will give YOU a chance to express, to act, to explore and to find your true Path in this life. Because if you’ll not try to find it, if you’ll never have the courage to go for it, for what you really want and dream of, you will never feel complete.


No matter where life takes you, try not to forget that “freedom comes with responsibility “, and responsibility means you have to gain courage out of fear, in order to achieve freedom. Unless you have courage to believe in Life and People again, unless you go all the way and do your best to enjoy every moment, to express your real inner being and to get rid off all the masks you’ve gathered by now, you have very small chances to make a journey, and not a battle, out of your life.

Try to keep Living that awesome Reality you dream about, not by giving up, but  just by Giving…

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