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eBrothers is a not a Social Network, it is a Real Network that lets all of you experience Life again, builds Trust, gives Confidence and Safety back to people, back to the Real World, where they belong. We might laugh at this and say it’s no longer possible for people to be so Connected again, so Good with one another, so Human…

eBrothers wants to build a community of People that know each other, rely on each other when they have to, trust and care about what happens to the world, to people living here, on this planet, despite their nationality, skin color or language. We build a Community , in which you will be treated like a Being of this Universe – without labels, prejudices or false expectations. We want to connect people through Art, through Ideas and Projects they build together. We want you to enjoy real life again, to open your eyes and find the moments that leave you breathless, and when you can’t find them, to dare to create them, together , with the rest of us.

Let’s see how eBrothers Network really works and what it can mean to you.

If you enter eBrothers you’ll have to be prepared to Give and to Receive. As a new member of this community you’ll be able to build up a sort of Personal Project, which includes everything you choose to Give to your society and people living there with you, and also everything you will Receive, in return.

Your Personal Projects, Ideas, Events – can be made out of many things and actions, but the Projects we want to Promote most are Art Projects: installations, performances, exhibitions that bring something new, inspirational events or meetings, even sports competitions you choose to involve in or organize, a  decision to help someone be happy just by entertaining them, any kind of event that maybe you’ve always dreamed to organize, and the list could go on with anything you can think of. The form in which these Projects come is not that important. And any of you can come up with Ideas, Projects or Events. What is important is that moment when you decide to make a difference, when you decide not to go on doing the same thing everyday and not caring anymore, when you decide not to step aside, like usually, and find excuses. As long as you’ll keep dreaming about a better reality and don’t start acting and doing something about it you’ll always find yourself and also the world, in the same old situations. But let us tell you something:) – reality can be amazing! And it can be as awesome as you want it to be! All you have to do is give it a try, dare to Live again the Dreams you probably gave up already, Dare to Act, because now you have the chance to do it.

The main purpose of these Actions and Projects should be to bring something meaningful to life, to create moments and experiences that give good vibrations to everybody, that create a new kind of mentality, the kind that Believes in people and life, the kind that makes us all feel that our time spent here, on this planet, does matter.

This would be the Giving part.


The Receiving part is going to follow immediately. The more you choose to Act and Involve, in any kind of project that affects in any way the society and people living in it, the more Projects and Ideas you have, the more people you will succeed to attract and influence with what you do, the bigger and more surprising your Benefits will be.

Let’s say there are Levels of Involvement for each one of the members. And let’s say you already have a first Project going on and you succeed to change something in people’s minds, into your society. The benefits you will first Receive will be your personal satisfaction ( of course:)but besides that, you will also be rewarded with a higher level of trust – the other ebrothers will give you more credit and sometimes even unexpected rewards – and once you’ll prove that you have a strong influence and can really make a difference you will receive a Gold Card from us. Your Involvement can mean either to participate into someone else’s Events or Projects or to organize or post one yourself. If the Actions you choose to take will be contributing to that Project’s Success in a major way, you will receive, first the other ebrothers feed-back, and then the Gold Card Membership.

But what is a Gold Card actually?

It is a tool that will give access to many amazing benefits and surprises. All of them will be FREE, for all members that passed a certain level of involvement and trust. These amazing surprises and benefits will be only a part of the Reward you will receive for making your Path matter, not only for yourself, but also for the others. All these Projects are meant to Unite all forces into one direction – are meant to make people feel connected again, not through what they have or achieved as material goals, but through their true nature, through who they really are.

All your sent Projects will be uploaded on the website and will be gathered in the page Projects&Ideas – that all ebrothers will be able to see and find inspiration in. Once you open a Project you can support it according to the rules established by it’s owner. All Projects and Events that will receive a consistent feed-back, reviews and members support will matter for getting the Gold Card.

It is like having a business idea and looking for partners, except that this time, you are not really looking for funding, but for other type of assets, and your idea is not really a business idea. Since Benefits can be all sorts of services or things, either on-line or off-line ( from Getting a free ride with taxi all week to Having dinner in the best city’s restaurant for free, or getting Complete Website Design for your business )you might just be much more than interested to Act, not just Re-Act to Reality:)


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