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Random Color

A simple idea can sometimes change the way things look like…or the way we look at them:) We invite you to check out this art project called “Connect the dots” – it is also called ” optical optimism” and it is a remedy for monotony…or visual monotony. We did connect the dots and it turned out that reality can be…

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Urban Art in Amsterdam

The City of Amsterdam is known as the capital of arts in the Northern part of Europe, it is the place where all artists meet and create together – amazing and mind-blowing projects. You can find there many galleries that promote young emerging artists, galleries that are looking for talent, as well as for originality, courage and determination. All Urban…

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Amazing art installations

Starting with large pieces of furniture people can walk through and explore, and continuing with strange tunnels and sculptures that lay under bridges – all these art projects are meant to make our reality amazing, more fun and in the same time, give us a different perspective upon life. These kind of projects you can find all around the world…

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