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Streetwise Opera – music has the power to change us

Streetwise Opera is an Awesome project that happens in the United Kingdom and is dedicated to re-building homeless people’s lives and self-esteem through music and performance. It is like no other project because it chooses art – music – as a bonding instrument between people and society. People who created it believe in the power that music has upon us,…

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Coder Dojo Coolest Projects – the art of innovation

Coder Dojo Coolest Projects is not some kind of sports game or food – it is a really cool competition and project contest designed especially for world’s future innovators, entrepreneurs and creators. It offers young people from the International CoderDojo Community the chance to pitch their ideas and projects in front of the Local CoderDojo, in a form of competition…

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eMotiVe sOuNDs of the eLEctRic wRiTEr – Machines and humans can work together

Nandita Kumar’s work titled ‘eMotiVesOuNDs of the eLEctRicwRiTEr’ was displayed at Indian Art Fair 2015. It focuses on loss of writing personal letters. She invited participants from different parts of the world to write hand-written letters. These letters were mimicked by a machine and re written on a scroll of paper. The machine while printing stopped to think when fed…

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CONS Project

We all know Converse shoes, maybe we even have a pair or two of them. This time we are not going to tell you about the shoes only, but about a project initiated by Converse that wants to reach the next generation. Converse wants to mix visual arts with music and create a new kind of culture, one that is…

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The Knot Project – linking the existing with the imaginary

The Knot este un alt proiect artistic foarte fain, de fapt o platforma usor adaptabila si transportabila pentru prezentari artistice. Ea a fost montata in diferite orase precum Berlin sau Bucuresti, unde a ramas pentru cateva saptamani intr-un anumit spatiu urban, oferind tuturor sansa de a experimenta, interactiona sau de a schimba informatii. Ideea este una geniala, dupa pererea noastra,…

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