Take the trip

From now on, expect from Reality what you didn’t expect until now. Expect to change, try, act, explore – all that life has to offer you. As an eBrother you’ll have the chance to “take the trip” to your purpose in this life, you’ll have the opportunity to explore various “destinations” and in the end, choose one that feels good to you, that enlightens you and takes your heart closer to you inner being.

You are not just a material being that has to fight for survival on this planet, you are not here to put labels on people or things, to judge everything according to your feelings or experiences – i think you all know, deep down inside you, that the reason you came here is not this one.

The reason why we created eBrothers has something to do with you. And also with everything else that surrounds you, right in this moment. We wanted to spread the word about this awesome, terrifying and amazing trip called “LIFE“. We wanted you to be part of it, we wanted to give you a “wake-up call” until is not too late. We wanted to create a connection between you and the rest of the Real World, a connection that actually existed long before you or me knew it, and to invite you to explore it, to make the best of it, while you still can…while you’re still here, with the rest of us.

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