ebrothers Rulz

Even though we were thinking about not setting any rule for this network we come with some suggestions, that might smile to you:)

  1. All pics set for the users profile to be taken from the back. Why? Because this should underline the fact that we are all Humans, first of all, and it doesn’t matter how we look, how old we are, how beautiful or ugly we are seen, how white or black our skin is – we are all Beings of this Universe, that live this Life in the same time. The pictures taken from behind, should also say that we turned our face to the Real world and decided to begin our journey – our Real Journey towards who we are. It should also say that we are not looking for attention, like when you re making a selfie and expect everybody to like it – it is not about that, it is about the fact that you, just like me and everybody else, are a Soul inside a body and your body doesn’t say much about who you really are. Your body, or face, says only how you look on the outside, but not on the inside.
  2. In order for someone to be entitled to receive a Gold Card he or she has to come up with great Projects, Events or Ideas, that get consistent feed-back and challenge the others to think, but most of all Act, in the Real World and Society. If you make an impact on people’s lives and succeed in changing a situation for the better, you will receive the right to get all Benefits that come with a Gold Card. It is not all about talking, commenting or rating an Event or Project – it is more about seeing that change taking place in people’s Lives.
  3. An important suggestion that we want to make is not to use Money as much as possible, in any type of involvement, no matter the Idea or Project you’re proposing or attending. Why we ask you to do that? Because we promote free(dom) of taught, free(dom)of mind and heart, free(dom)of soul, with all it means, so that people will create, for a free world. Because we planned to succeed in proofing that Real Life can be Amazing, Fantastic and Super Fun even without money, even if you’re not rich, didn’t yet get your dream house, car or whatever material things you might think would bring you happiness. We are not against using money because we know that they still matter, but what we are suggesting is to try changing your perception about it and exchanging something else with the rest of the world – something you have valuable, even though maybe not that visible on the outside. Most of the people have been taught to fight for money in order to be successful in our society, because money is much too often the only measure for success. But if we choose to look at things differently we will realize that they are not the only “assets” we have or worth fighting for, and not even the most important. Try to come up with other ideas about how people could create a new type of society, in which money is not valued so much, in which people are first, above anything else, Humans and don’t depend so much on what they have, but more, on who they are, what Path they have chosen to take in this Life, what energy they choose to share with the world. Think about these “spiritual assets” as your trading coins and leave money aside for a while. Consider it a challenge, more than a suggestion, if you like:)And don’t forget the famous saying : “Best things come for free”…people:)                                                                        

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